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"Don’t worry, Herr Engineer, the procedure will be done before you know it. Now are you sure you only want the local anesthetic?"

"Yeah, I’m sure. No offense Doc, but I’ve heard the skeleton story. It’d just give me peace of mind if I could see what was going on."

"Right,  right, right. Let’s finish quickly so I can start experimenting on my new arm."

"I never said I was gonna give you my… you know on second thought I have a hacksaw back in my workshop…"

Thanks so much to tf2-daesdemona for the wonderful picture. I hope my edits were able to do it justice ^u^. Their original is on the top, my edit is on the bottom.

For this one, I mainly wanted to play around with the lighting so it’d look darker and creepier. I added ambient lighting from the x-rays to add to the effect. All in all I think it turned out pretty well!