Jingle birb!

Sometimes I like to log into my TF2 account and assure anyone who might still care that I’m not gone,  then disappear for another two months,

I do have full intentions to get back into the TF2 scene asap, I’ve just got to focus on my commissions, University work and my bird at the moment, I’ll probably do a doodle or two at least within the next few days,

Hope everyone’s doing well! If you want to keep in contact for some reason, you can add me on Steam, Skype (Piromanelupo) or my personal Tumblr, Bad—cop

Happy TF2’in

Coming back to no messages is sad, but I don’t know what I was expecting,

University’s started and I’ve still got commissions to go through before I can take on the next batch, but I should have time to do some other stuff, as well as the long overdue prizes from my 800 follower giveaway,

Also, badabing, thanks for 1,410 followers now!! Y’all rock ~