This time it’s tastytexan's turn! Sorry it took so long, I'm moving to another continent and stuff's been a little crazy. 

Demo/Engie BDSM under the cut.


Title: Spark Like You Mean It

Author: unicornsandbutane aka Req

Pairing: Demo/ Engie

Rating: NSFW!

Summary: Demo’s been allowed to top in a BDSM scene, when usually that’s Engie’s proclivity. He gets the hang of it eventually.


This was a rare opportunity, and the Demoman did not intend to waste it by being too hasty. It was the Engineer’s own aphorism, after all: Haste wastes stitches, or a stitch in time saves waste, or some such thing. Anyway, he was much less concerned with stitches, at the moment, and more concerned with /switches/— particularly the wonderfully springy horse switch he’d been bequeathed for the evening. It made a lovely whistling sound when he slashed it through the air, and its leather strap snapped loudly against itself with a satisfying smack. Overall, he couldn’t believe his luck. He was accustomed to being in the position the Engineer now held— thighs and calves bound together, knees held wide by a specially-crafted bar, wrists locked behind his back and sheathed in leather, and a heavy (and delightfully functional!) collar buckled securely around his neck.

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Ramble under the cut

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Markingatlightspeed and Unicornsandbutane

You know you’re my saviors right????

Demo/Engie is my OTP and there’s not enough of them and for two of the most talented writers I’ve ever seen to take a little time and do a piece for me is just ajksoijdisja thankyou <33

I’m gonna’ do a Demo/Engie drawing to celebrate yeaaa

markingatlightspeed asked:

"Y'all ready?" Engineer asked, knowing full well the answer. The laboured breaths ratting out of the Scot's mouth told him all he needed to know. Demo whined, barely able to hold is ass aloft as he gripped the sheets so tight he heard a few knuckles popping. His cheek and chest pressed into the mattress, trying to keep himself from collapsing into a sobbing heap. The Texan had been beckoning at his prostate for half an hour. If Engineer didn't fuck him now, Demoman feared he'd explode.

Omg omg omg I’m so sorry that I’m late replying to this!! I’m honored ahhhh I definately didn’t expect something like this thankyou!! :D

I fucking love it I can’t

I’m gonna’ draw some Engie x Demo as soon as I get chance to celebrate these awesome short fics you two wrote for me!!